You Can Now Try the Firefox Private Network


Mozilla has relaunched its Test Pilot program, and kicked things off with a new project codenamed Firefox Private Network. This is essentially a VPN designed to protect you and your information when you’re browsing the web using Firefox.

Mozilla has been ramping up its security and privacy credentials of late. Firefox has started blocking third-party tracking cookies for everyone, and now the company is launching its own virtual private network designed to keep its users safe.

How to Try the Firefox Private Network
Mozilla announced Firefox Private Network on The Mozilla Blog, describing it as “an extension which provides a secure, encrypted path to the web to protect your connection and your personal information anywhere and everywhere you use your Firefox browser.”

It’s essentially a VPN which offers protection while using Firefox on a public network and masks your IP address to prevent third-party trackers following you around the web. And you can toggle Firefox Private Network on or off at any time.

The Firefox Private Network is currently being beta tested. You’ll need to be resident in the US, have the Firefox desktop browser installed on a PC or Mac, and have a Firefox account. Mozilla is promising to roll the beta out to other locales and platforms over time.

To try the Firefox Private Network, visit this page and follow the instructions. You need to install the addon and then click the icon that shows up in your toolbar. Then a dropdown menu will appear allowing you to toggle the Firefox Private Network on or off.

Paid VPNs Are Better Than Free VPNs
During the beta testing phase, Firefox Private Network is completely free to use. However, it looks like Firefox’s new VPN will cost money eventually, with Mozilla mentioning it will be exploring “possible pricing options” down the line.

If Mozilla does start charging for Firefox Private Network once it officially launches, there are other options. Here are the best free VPNs for Firefox. However, before installing any of them, be aware that paid VPNs are better than free VPNs.

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