You Can Now Use Vivaldi Browser on Android


The Vivaldi browser is now available on Android. Until now, Vivaldi has only been available on desktop, but you can now use it on your mobile as well. Which, given that most people like using the same browser on desktop and mobile, should help Vivaldi grow in popularity.

A Web Browser That Adapts to You
The Vivaldi browser first emerged in 2015 after Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the co-founder and former CEO of Opera Software, founded a new company. The idea was to cater to former Opera users disgruntled at the loss of many of Opera’s best features.

The developers behind Vivaldi subscribe to the idea that “a browser should adapt to you, not the other way around.” Vivaldi is, therefore, packed with features you won’t find on other browsers. It’s also highly customizable thanks to some advanced tools.

How to use Vivaldi Browser on Android
While Vivaldi has been available on desktop for several years, there has never been a mobile version. Until now. And in a post on the Vivaldi Blog, von Tetzchner explains the thinking behind the move to mobile, and what Vivaldi on Android is capable of.

While Vivaldi on Android isn’t quite as fully featured as its desktop counterpart, existing users should feel right at home with it. Vivaldi on Android has the same look and feel as the desktop version, and boasts the same set of built-in tools.

This includes Panels, which offer you a quick way to access useful tools, Speed Dials, which help you access your favorite websites, Notes, which lets you make notes as you browse the web, and Capture, which gives you more options when taking screenshots.

Reasons to Switch to Vivaldi Browser
If you’re already using (and loving) the Vivaldi browser on desktop then the Android version is a no-brainer. Especially as Vivaldi offers the option to sync your data across devices. And for everyone else, here are reasons to switch to Vivaldi browser today.


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